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By-Md.Matiur Rahman

My favorite two comments on writings which I got from a blog on writing are “Writing is a struggle against silence.1 and “Writing is the only way to talk without being interrupted.2” Writing is a medium of communication and complement to speech or spoken language. Writing is feelings put to page, which makes all of us writers. Writing makes thinking perceptible, upgrades ability to pose worthwhile questions, boosts ability to construe a complex position to readers, helps anyone filter his or her ideas, permits to calculate the adequacy of argument, helps others to give feedback and judges ones work more effectively. Like physical exercise writing is a thinking exercise. I believe writing improves future goals, dreams, mood, well-being, happiness, and health. Just like how friendships aid keep everyone happy and healthy through their ties to social interaction and dialogue, writing seems like the private equivalent — it keeps oneself thinking regularly and keeps the mental rust from forming. Study shows that, subjects who reflected on the good things in their life once a week (by writing them down) were more positive and motivated about their current situation and their future.

I write out to describe my emotions, to share experiences, to communicate my ideas and opinions from the bottom of my heart to the world. I write to re-evaluate and refine my thoughts. I believe Writing is a journey in self-motivation, after all.

There’s a certain method required to create compelling written work that demands the individual be open and focused on finding new sources of information, inspiration, and insight. I’ve read books, listened to lectures & podcasts, and watched videos. I may have normally put off in order to learn something interesting that I might write about later.

The act of writing forces me to take my knowledge of a subject and other information that is available to me on that subject and organize it all into a coherent and concise presentation. Moreover, when I argue something in print, I must show the validity of my argument through clear prose and the careful use of fact rather than with vivid speech or the conviction in my voice.

Finally I will say, I want to write from a place of humility, compassion and understanding and I believe my writings will be useful or interesting or thought provoking. But I have started and will keep continue to write. I just want to make a difference. I would like to think that my experiences that I’ve been thought might help someone else. So if I help someone – even one person, I will be happy. Also I want to write from a point of finding universal feelings of ideas, emotions where people who think they are alone in their thoughts – will find that they aren’t.

Quote source:
Carlos Fuentes, novelist and essayist1
Jules Renard, novelist and playwright2

21st March 2015


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